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Ever After Poppy Pearl Necklace

1 600

Ever After Poppy Pearl Bangle

1 800

Ever After Poppy Pearl Pendant

1 300

Timeless Tiny Hoops Rock Crystal

1 300

Hedvig Deco Vanity Earrings Gold Plated

2 000

Hedvig Deco Y Petite Necklace Gold Plated

1 100

Hedvig Deco Mix Bracelet Gold Plated

1 000

Astrid Dome Amazon Necklace Gold Plated

2 900

Astrid Dome Studs Gold plated


Astrid Dome Bracelet Gold Plated

1 200

Timeless Chain Necklace

2 900

Ever After Poppy Hoops

1 400

Timeless Tiny Hoops


Astrid Dome Vanity Earrings Silver Plated

1 200

Astrid Dome Bracelet Silver Plated

1 200


Growing up in a family with a history of entrepreneurship in the fashion industry, Charlotte Bonde was influenced and inspired by the industry from an early age.This developed into a strong understanding of form and design, culminating in a passion for jewellery design in her early teens.

Charlotte Bonde´s inspiration comes from a variety of sources and historical influcences, such as the Moorish design that can be seen in ’Astrid Collection’ and Jugend architecture that forms the inspiration behind ’Hedvig Deco Collection’. Other fashion and design period influences include eighteenth century lace and fashion, the classic Roaring Twenties jewellery for the ’Timeless Collection’. 

CharlotteBonde´s collections evoke the present and the past, a combination that focuses on the individuality in every owner of a piece from the Charlotte Bonde Collection. Welcome to our world, we would be honoured if you would join us.