Combining contemporary Scandinavian design and artistic heritage, Swedish jewelry designer Charlotte Bonde creates a radiant blend of the past and the future.

Charlotte Ihre, who chose her maiden name for her brand, established the brand Charlotte Bonde in 2010.

Over half a century ago, Charlotte’s mother was raised in the family business, designing women’s clothing and running the famous Ohlsson's Fashion Store in Malmö, Sweden. The creative family history serves as an important source of inspiration for Charlotte. After completing silversmith HND courses in London the idea and concept of the jewelry brand started to come together.

With inspiration from the past in architecture, history and the present fashion and art the collections has grown with bold, sovereign jewelry embracing individuality. While often, highlighting precious stones and mother of pearl, Charlotte Bonde’s craftsmanship is modern, marrying the classic with the contemporary.

This is a brand where every collection has a history and a tale to tell.


Charlotte Ihre founder of Charlotte Bonde STHLM